Supercharge your Retail Ops withAI-Driven Insights

Boost productivity, foster a data-driven culture, and find actionable insights that drive financial results.

Pricing and Promotions

Balancing optimal pricing and effective promotions is key to driving sales and maintaining profitability.

With Lumi AI, merchandising teams can deeply analyze promotional/ seasonal lift, calculate price elasticity, and conduct thorough basket analyses to identify bundling opportunities.

  • Increase average basket size

  • Enhance promotion ROI

  • Drive sales

Supply Chain


Balancing inventory levels is complex. You face the constant risk of overstocking, leading to tied-up capital, or under-stocking, resulting in lost sales.

Using Lumi AI, supply chain managers can instantly identify slow-moving stock,  forecast demand, and optimize safety stock levels.

  • Reduce excess inventory

  • Minimize stockouts

  • Free up working capital


Product Assortment

Crafting the right product mix is key to retail success, but identifying which products to stock can be a daunting task.

Lumi AI empowers merchandising managers with the ability to optimize product assortments by analyzing granular demand patterns, pinpointing slow-moving stock, identifying key value items, and uncovering customer preferences.

  • Enhance product mix

  • Maximize shelf space efficiency

  • Increase sales


Customer Behavior

Understanding and responding to customer behavior is crucial in driving loyalty and preventing churn.

Lumi AI delivers comprehensive insights into customer behaviors and preferences, aiding teams in identifying key customers and those at churn risk, while informing marketing strategies and enhancing customer experiences.

  • Deepen customer insights

  • Prevent churn

  • Boost sales

Enterprise Grade Features Tailor Made for Retailers

Enterprise Secure

Data is only processed within your environment and access can be controlled at user level.

Equipped with Retail Science

Lumi comes pre-equipped with retail domain knowledge, enabling higher quality responses to data requests.

Hyper Personalized to Your Organization

Lumi understands your internal lingo and calculates business metrics as per your specific needs.

Seamless Integrations

Lumi can easily plug into any ERP system, planning software, data warehouse and even homegrown proprietary solutions.

Quick Onboarding

Onboarding is swift, typically requiring just a few hours of effort.

Pre-Built Playbooks

Access and run pre-built retail-specific prompts that instantly uncover value in your business.

Lumi: Your Personal Data Analyst AI

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