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Use Case


Achieve end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations

Use Case

Head of Supply Chain

Predict demand and Optimize inventory levels across network

Use Case

Head of Merchandising

Optimize merchandising/ product assortment

Use Case

Head of Customer Success

Understand customer preferences and predict churn

Lumi is your personal data analyst AI that is available 24/7.


Reduce time to insights from days to seconds
Reduce cost of asking data questions
Give the data team more time back
Reduces turnover impact of data professionals

Your data's security is top of mind.

Enterprise Secure

Data is only processed within your environment and access can be controlled at user level.

Real-time Analytics

Lumi operates on your live systems to provide up-to-the-second accurate results.

Personalized AI

Infused with specialist domain knowledge in operations and learns from user feedback.

Connect your operational data

Ask questions directly in native messenger

Lookup insights, generate custom reports, and run statistical models on command.

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