Transform Customer Operations with Real-time Insights

Extract valuable insights using plain language and reduce data team reliance.

Reduce Response Time

  • Respond to urgent customer data requests in real time. Lumi AI allows your customer success teams to operate independently of the data team.

Chat with Lumi directly from Slack and MS teams.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Focus more on understanding customer needs rather than coordinating on dated requests.

Automate Responses to Ad-Hoc Data Requests

  • Manage what the AI understands about your data and business using our intuitive context management interface.

  • Build and manage the semantic layer exposed to Lumi.

  • Easily teach Lumi about internal business lingo.

  • Define how business metrics should be calculated.

Unlock Advanced Insights Instantly

  • Leverage Lumi's built-in expertise in CPG, retail, and supply chain.

  • Minimize the risk of misleading insights and enhance the quality of results.

Lumi: Your Personal Data Analyst AI

Make Better, Faster Decisions.
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