Visualize & Optimize your Supply Chain using Gen AI

Streamline S&OP, achieve end-to-end visibility into operations, and reduce dependency on data team.

Optimize Inventory Levels

  • Track key inventory metrics (in-stock %, aging, turnover, weeks of supply)

  • Identify areas of excess or obsolete inventory across your network

  • Identify slow moving stock with poor turnover rates

Improve Fulfillment Performance

  • Measure fulfillment metrics over time

  • Pinpoint bottlenecks in receiving, putaway, and shipping processes

  • Optimize carrier selection by costs and on-time performance

  • Track shipments in real-time and identify those exceeding the SLA date

Enhance Procurement & Supplier Management

  • Measure in-full, on-time deliveries, and actual lead times

  • Pinpoint raw material cost variances across suppliers

  • Gather what, when, and how much to purchase

Automate Responses to Ad-Hoc Data Requests

  • Manage what the AI understands about your data and business using our intuitive context management interface.

  • Build and manage the semantic layer exposed to Lumi.

  • Easily teach Lumi about internal business lingo.

  • Define how business metrics should be calculated.

Unlock Advanced Insights Instantly

  • Leverage Lumi's built-in expertise in CPG, retail, and supply chain.

  • Minimize the risk of misleading insights and enhance the quality of results.

Lumi: Your Personal Data Analyst AI

Make Better, Faster Decisions.
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