User Features for BUSINess Teams

The Easiest Way to Instantly Find Actionable Insights

Data & Analytics as Easy as Having a Conversation

  • Ask questions in plain language and get instant answers

  • No coding (python os SQL) required

  • Chat with Lumi directly from Slack and MS Teams

Create Reports & Collaborate

  • Create and export custom visuals/reports

  • Create and publish highly customer boards

  • Schedule automated refresh cadences

  • Share insights with team members

Domain-Specific AI-Insights Engine

  • Lumi comes pre-equipped with core CPG, retail, supply chain domain knowledge. This allows Lumi to provide higher quality responses to data requests

Find Actionable Insights with Pre-Made Prompt Playbooks

  • Enhance team skills with Lumi's industry-specific playbooks crafted by expert data scientists

  • Access and run pre-built prompts that instantly uncover value in your business

  • Streamline the creation of prompts to the most commonly asked insights

  • Get answers on questions you did not think of asking

Get Full Transparency into How Each Insight is Derived

  • Lumi ensures trust by revealing all logic and assumptions used to generate the insight and/or report.

  • Instantly gain an understanding with a detailed breakdown of each insight.

Admin Features for Data Teams

Your AI-Control Tower

Seamless Integrations with Your Systems

  • Lumi can connect to a wide variety of databases and data warehouses

AI Context Management Made Simple

  • Control Lumi's understanding of your data model and encompassing business nuances

  • Teach Lumi your business's specific language and the logic needed to key metrics calculations


Managed knowledge base services available to enterprise customers.

Enterprise-Level Access Control

  • Create user groups and selectively authorize access to specific data tables

  • Designate roles and oversee user permissions

Query Control Limits

  • Set query limits to better manage data processing costs

Usage Monitoring

  • Monitor query usage

  • Get insights into what data questions business team are asking about

Lumi: Your Personal Data Analyst AI

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