Focus on what matters. Take back control of your time.

Less ad-hoc requests, more time on higher value inItiatives.

Automate Responses to Ad-Hoc Data Requests

  • Use the knowledge base interface to manage the context that the AI requires to understand about data structures and business for efficient data responses.

Accelerate Development

  • Use Lumi to generate syntactically accurate SQL code for your various development needs.

Understand Data Needs from Internal Stakeholders

  • Get insights into what data questions business teams are asking about to inform the development roadmap.

Automate Data Quality Checks

  • Use Lumi to create and schedule automated data quality checks that pinpoint gaps in existing operational processes.

Automate Responses to Ad-Hoc Data Requests

  • Manage what the AI understands about your data and business using our intuitive context management interface.

  • Build and manage the semantic layer exposed to Lumi.

  • Easily teach Lumi about internal business lingo.

  • Define how business metrics should be calculated.

Unlock Advanced Insights Instantly

  • Leverage Lumi's built-in expertise in CPG, retail, and supply chain.

  • Minimize the risk of misleading insights and enhance the quality of results.

Lumi: Your Personal Data Analyst AI

Make Better, Faster Decisions.
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