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Yashan G.
Head of Data & Analytics, Sauce Capital

Lumi’s ability to rapidly translate plain language prompts intoactionable results is amazing. It’s a win-win for both the the data team and business users.

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Saleh K.
Co-Founder & CTO, Plant & Equipment

Lumi has been instrumental in shedding light on various aspects of our operations, allowing for seamless data flow across different functions within the company. It's like having our own in-house data analyst.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a knowledge base?

The knowledge base is the map that guides Lumi through your data. Without it, automated responses to data questions are not possible. This repository contains information about data model schemas, field definitions, business KPIs, and specific business terminology. Learn more.

Bonus: Lumi's knowledge base comes pre-equipped with domain expertise, thanks to contributions from experienced data scientists and industry experts.

How long does it take to start using Lumi?

Onboarding is swift, typically requiring just a few hours of effort. The process involves (1) system integration and (2) knowledge base configuration. During this phase, you'll have the support and guidance of a dedicated data consultant.

How does Lumi connect to other data and business tools?

Lumi simplifies integration through pre-built connections with a diverse range of databases and data warehouses, enabling fast and easy setup. View our integrations.

Do I need to share my data?

No data replication is required. Designed for data security, Lumi ensures that data is only processed within the client's network.

How do you guarantee the accuracy of the results?

Lumi's accuracy is akin to that of a skilled human analyst, thanks to its network of AI agents. These agents interpret user intent, ensuring reliable and accurate insights. Learn more.

How does Lumi differ from traditional tools like Power BI/ Tableau?

Lumi is an end-to-end analytics platform. It is complementary tool to your existing BI suite. While BI tools are adept at providing overviews, they may fall short in delivering specific insights, often requiring additional custom reports. Lumi excels in providing detailed, "last mile" analytics instantly, enhancing quick decision-making.

Do you offer managed services?

Yes, Lumi offers data consulting and managed knowledge base services to enterprise customers.