Make Better Merchandising Decisions using Gen AI

Discover consumer trends and make informed promotional planning and SKU rationalization decisions with Lumi AI.

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Sales Data Analysis

Explore sales performance at the most granular granular level—by time, region, rep, category, brand, SKU, etc. Dive deep into your historical sales data with Lumi.

Promo / Price Optimization

Analyze promotional/ seasonal lift, calculate price elasticity, and conduct in-depth basket analyses with Lumi. Discover opportunities for item bundling to enhance sales.

Forecasting &

Utilize Lumi for precise demand forecasting and safety/cycle stock optimization. Receive AI-driven recommendations to strategically decide what, when, and how much to purchase.

Product Assortment Optimization

Optimize your retail and e-commerce potential with Lumi. Measure space productivity, identify key value items, conduct ABC classifications, and make data driven SKU rationalization decisions.

Customers Insights

Track customer retention, identify top customers, and recognize those at risk of churning across any time period or geographical region with Lumi AI.

Data Quality Issues

Maintain data integrity by identifying and rectifying data entry errors. Lumi AI uncovers these issues and provides effective remediation suggestions.