Visualize & Optimize your Supply Chain using Gen AI

Unlock the power of AI: Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility and predictive analytics in your supply chain operations with Lumi.

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Warehousing Efficiency

Boost operational efficiency across all warehouse locations with Lumi. Pinpoint bottlenecks in receiving, putaway, and shipping processes to streamline your supply chain.

Fulfillment Performance

Improve your fulfillment performance with Lumi. Track shipments and ensure in-full and on-time delivery, while proactively identifying those exceeding the SLA date.

Forecasting & Replenishment

Utilize Lumi for precise demand forecasting and safety/cycle stock optimization. Receive AI-driven recommendations to strategically decide what, when, and how much to purchase.

Supplier Analysis

Evaluate supplier performance effectively with Lumi AI. Measure in-full, on-time deliveries, and actual lead times across any period by product class, brand, and more.

Inventory Management

Track and improve inventory performance (in-stock percentage, turnover, aged inventory, etc.) with Lumi AI. Identify areas of excess or obsolete inventory across your network.

Data Quality Issues

Maintain data integrity by identifying and rectifying data entry errors. Lumi AI uncovers these issues and provides effective remediation suggestions.